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Valentines Day Specials

This valentines day instead of buying a box of chocolates or a dozen roses give that special someone a gift that will last a lifetime.  Give them a gift of true health and wellness.  Show them how much you care this year by investing in their life.  You can choose from the 3 options below.  Each one is guaranteed to leave that special someone in your life knowing how much you truly love and care for them.


Protect Your Heart Package

This package includes a one on one private health coaching session.  During this session we will set clear, comprehensive and achievable goals that are real and attainable.  You will gain valuable and insightful information that will arm you with the knowledge that will enable you to take charge of your life and make the changes necessary to live a life truly worth living.   You will learn how to make 3 delicious plant powered meals and walk away with the newly found skills in the kitchen that will leave you feeling confident

Investment: $90


Dinner for Two Package

Take the night off and allow me to create a delicious 3 course meal for that special someone in your life.  This package includes a full 3 course meal with complimentary bottle of wine. You will select your appetizer, dinner, and dessert from a variety of mouth watering choices. In the privacy and comfort of your own home, I will be your personal chef and waiter for the evening.  

Investment: $120


Move Your Body Package

This package includes 3 one on one yoga lessons in the privacy of your own home.  During these sessions you will learn the proper fundamentals to develop a strong yoga practice, develop a deeper knowledge of the practice itself and learn how to cultivate a stronger personal awareness throughout your practice.  You will learn how to transfer the knowledge and skills that are gained on your mat into your everyday life, which will enable you to live a happier, healthier and more authentic life.

Investment: $150