Musselman 2013

Musselman 2013

As an avid yogi, ultra-marathoner, and an Ironman, I have always been fascinated with health, fitness and getting the most out of life.  Being overweight for most of my adolescence and adulthood, I began to realize my “healthy” American diet and fitness regime were not giving me the energy and focus needed to be a successful husband, father, and educator. 


After completing numerous endurance events including 5 half Ironman's, 2 marathons and a 50-mile ultra marathon, I was looking for a new challenge. After registering for my first full Ironman triathlon in 2012, I started looking for a way to improve my training. This is when I came across the book "Finding Ultra" by Rich Roll, a plant-based nutrition advocate and fellow ultra endurance athlete. In his book he describes his personal story of transitioning from an overweight, overworked, recovering alcoholic to being labeled one of the "25 fittest men in the world" by Men's Fitness.  After reading his journey and following other endurance athletes who reaped huge benefits from switching to a whole foods plant-based diet I too decided to adopt this way of living. Soon after my dietary switch I noticed that my training and recovery significantly improved. My energy skyrocketed, along with my overall mental well being which is welcoming news for someone who battled ADD his entire life. In addition, I lost nearly 20 lbs in less than 3 months without drastically increasing my exercise routine or decreasing the amount of food I was intaking. 


In September of 2013 I crossed the finish line of the Ironman with my daughter on my shoulders and a newly found lease on life. Soon after the race I found myself being bombarded with questions from people looking to get help with their lifestyle and dietary habits. I began working exclusively with a few colleagues, helping them clean up their diets by incorporating more plant based foods into their meals, and by teaching them how to prepare their food and develop a proper fitness routine. Shortly thereafter Plant Powered Coaching was born. 


Educational Credentials:

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • 6 half marathons  
  • 4 full marathons  - DC Marathon, 2X NYC Marathon & Long Island Marathon
  • 2 Ultra-Marathons -NYC 60K & CanLake 50 miler
  • 25+ Sprint Distance Triathlons  
  • 2 Olympic Distance Triathlons 
  • 5 Half-Iron Distance Triathlons  - Musselman Triathlon
  • 1 Full Ironman Distance Triathlon - Ironman Maryland (formerly Chesapeakeman Ultra Distance Triathlon)

Upcoming Events:

Chesapeakeman 2014-Meeting up with my source of inspiration.